from a dream to reality...       

What started as a backyard hobby has now become a growing and thriving commercial business. Two Rivers Honey Company is a family-owned and run operation. Every member of the family helps out with duties ranging from hive inspections to splits to honey harvesting and queen rearing. The bee yards are located on north Merritt Island, FL and are adjacent to the 144,000 acre Merritt Island Nat'l Wildlife Refuge. This means that the majority of our honey is sourced from wilderness areas, far from the harmful insecticides and fungicides that permeate our society.  The bee yards are on Merritt Island, which lies between the Indian and the Banana rivers...hence the name

"Two Rivers Honey Company." 

The honey produced in this area is exceptional in both quality and taste. Honey varietals include White Sweet Clover, Palm, Gallberry, Brazilian Pepper, Mangrove and Wildflower. 

We use a larger strainer size on our honey to allow beneficial pollen to pass through to the honey, and on to you. Our honey is not heat-treated and chemicals are not used in our hives. All of our plastic bottles are BPA-free. All proceeds from honey sales are put back into the company to continue to expand operations and to raise more bees. 

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